Please note that we are open weekdays only. The gardens are not open during the weekends until March

Looking great in the gardens this week

Roses in the Walled Garden at Capel Manor Gardens

Roses are now in full bloom throughout the estate. The Old Manor House Garden has a great selection of old roses, the Walled Garden’s collection of roses is in its lavender lined rose beds or look for planting inspirations throughout The National Gardening Centre, where roses are used within a variety of mixed planting schemes.

Summer flowering perennials are coming into their own at the moment. Day lillies are adding colour and Ligularias dramatic foliage around The Lake where the large Koi carp can be found. The Scott’s Miracle Grow Garden and Garden Media Guild Garden are also flowering well on the main avenue of Show Gardens.

Tropical style plantings can be found to the front of Capel Manor House, within the Walled Garden and in container displays. Head to the container garden in the corner of the Walled Garden to see our collection of ferns and hostas.

The Tulip Trees, Liriodendron tulipifera are covered in large tulip like blooms, head the back lawn where our 200 year old specimen is looking fantastic, and the smaller specimen close to the Maze has flowered for the first time this year

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