Please note that we are open weekdays only. The gardens are not open during the weekends until March

Looking great in the gardens

31st March 2012

The Magnolias are in bloom all around the estate but the biggest and best are the older specimens found on the back lawn of Capel Manor House.

There are several cultivars of Camellia in full bloom in our glade garden. Find this garden beyond the woven unicorns on the front lawn. The Camellias and many other woodland plants are grown around a hidden folly; look out for many species of naturalised Daffodils and dogs tooth violets, Erythronium. The first bluebells are also just beginning to flower already!

Naturalised daffodils can be found in many of the grassed areas around the gardens but are at their best around the maze at the moment, the woodland close to the Koi carp pond is a sea of golden yellow.

There is Cherry blossom dazzling in many of the gardens at the moment but for the best examples head to the fountain end of the large lake to see Prunus yedonensis in full bloom. The large Koi Carp are also becoming more visible in the warmer weather, creating an almost Japanese scene.

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