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Snowdrops in the heart of the Hazel coppice next to the Walled Garden at Capel Manor Gardens today.

New baby alpaca

Capel Manor is proud to announce the birth of ‘Holly’ on Sunday 8th September 2013 at our Enfield centre.

Looking great in the gardens this week

Roses are now in full bloom throughout the estate. The Old Manor House Garden has a great selection of old roses, the Walled Garden’s collection of roses is in its lavender lined rose beds or look for planting inspirations throughout The National Gardening Centre, where roses are used within a variety of mixed planting schemes.


Join Mr Fothergill’s seeds in celebrating the ‘Year of the Sweet Pea’ and have the chance to win a £500 first prize, £300 second prize or £200 third prize, by entering a posy in one of the categories of the 2013 Sweet Pea competition, to be held at Capel Manor College & Gardens in Enfield on 6th July 2013.

Looking great in the gardens in May

Tulips are in flower throughout the estate, magnolias are blooming on the back lawn of the Manor House and an array of lovely alpines can be found near to the entrance of the Walled Garden.

The Maze

A view of the Maze at Capel Manor Gardens on Thursday 14th March 2013 [islidex]