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Also known as: Suricata suricatta

A group of meerkats are known as a mob, and hierarchy is determined through daily life, opportunity, strength and maturity.


There is a dark side to these complex, little creatures as dominant females will evict older subordinates and dominant males will attack subordinate males to ensure they keep their power and are not overthrown.

We can tell our meerkats apart not only by what they look like, but by using a scanner. Just like a dog, they have an individual microchip under their skin, which is important for when we have lots of people working with them.

Quick facts

Class: Mammal
Size: 25 to 30cm
Weight: Up to 1kg
Life span: 12 to 14 years
Diet: Omnivore
Threats: Hawks, eagles and snakes
Habitat: Grassland and deserts
Distribution: Southern area of the African continent and South Africa
Conservation status: Least Concern (LE)

Their dark eyes act like sunglasses, allowing them to look up and still spot danger even in the bright sun.