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Mini zoo

Come along to our mini zoo to see Capel Manor’s collection of exotic and domestic animals.

Further afield on the estate look out for our Shetland ponies, alpacas and rare breed sheep grazing in the fields by the Manor House.

Meet animals from around the world


A group of meerkats are known as a mob, and hierarchy is determined through daily life, opportunity, strength and maturity.

Ring-tailed lemur

Lemurs are primates found only on the African island of Madagascar and some tiny neighbouring islands, home to many amazing animals.

Scottish wildcat

The Scottish wildcat is the only free-living native forest cat in the UK, sharing a history with the European wildcat.

Bennett's wallaby

Bennett’s wallaby, also known as the red-necked wallaby, are native to Eastern Australia and are easily identified by their movement.

African crested porcupine

The African crested porcupine is the largest of its species and the third largest rodent in the world. They are nocturnal animals.

Prevost’s squirrel

We house a pair of breeding Asian tri-coloured Prevost’s squirrels. The genus name ‘callosciurus’ means ‘beautiful squirrel’.

White-faced saki monkey

White-faced sakis are tree-dwelling small primates from South America. Males have black hair and white faces, while females and young have brownish-grey hair.

Huacaya alpaca

Alpacas are members of the camelid family, which includes llamas and camels. They are well-known for their fleece.

Alpaca walks

Suitable for children and adults alike, creating special bonds with our furry friends promises to be a great day out for all the family.

Pygmy goat experience

This is your chance to get up close with this popular cheeky animal. Our pygmy goats are favourites amongst our visitors and zoo keepers!

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With a Friends of Capel Manor annual membership, you can enjoy unlimited access to our historic estate and 30 acres of beautiful Gardens.