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Prevost’s squirrel

Also known as: Callosciurus prevostii

We house a pair of breeding Asian tri-coloured Prevost’s squirrels. The genus name ‘callosciurus’ means ‘beautiful squirrel’.


During the day they can be found in tree branches and sunbathing on logs. At night, they wrap their tails around themselves for warmth and nest in hollows amongst leaves and twigs.

Prevost’s squirrels are arboreal mammals, meaning they love to climb and jump in trees, using their tail to balance. For enrichment, Capel Manor College students provide the squirrels food in paper bags and hide their favourite food around the enclosure to encourage foraging.

Quick facts

Class: Mammal
Size: 12 to 28cm
Weight: Up to 326g
Life span: Up to 15 years
Diet: Omnivore
Threats: Pet trade, habitat destruction
Habitat: Forests, dense rainforests
Distribution: Southern East Asia
Conservation status: Least concern (LE)

When eating, Prevost’s squirrels will squat and hold food between their front paws.